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Operator:  Larry

Status:  UP

Station Time:  GMT  (UTC)


DMR ID:  2349357

D-Star ID:  M7WDX L

Fusion ID:  M7WDX-ND  

Fusion DTMF:  # 76134




Duplex (bespoke built repeater w 2 antennas) Hotspot Pi 4 =  DMR | D-Star |  YSF (Wires-X reflectors) multi modes

TIP:added Extreme Cooling Fan Kit (5v) and a second Venting Fan (3.5v) w filter - to keep PI 4 running much cooler.

TIP: Without extra heat reduction the board can run VERY HOT dependent on setup and use.


Raspberry Pi-Zero with Modem Hat, a single mode Hotspot with either DMR | D-Star | YSF (Wires-X reflectors) mode

Do not let its small size fool you, this little hotspot provides outstanding performance.



Yaesu FT-991A + MFJ - 941E

Yaesu FTM-100DE

Yaesu FT-70DE

Anytone D878UV Plus



Local housing restrictions limit my external antenna options.

2) Vertical Antennas [ 2m - 70cm & Multi metre ]

1) End Fed 20meter length Antenna [ 10 - 80 metre ]

1) SRH 779 Antenna [ used on FT-70DE ]



Station Location:  Yaxley (near Peterborough),  U.K.

SE England

What3Wrods:  cautious.subtitle.postcard

[ North of the city of London about 75 miles ]

Lat  51° 52' 32'' N    Lon  000° 44' 06'' W

Grid IO92um

CQ Zone 14

ITU zone  27

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Station on  log-in required to view

eMail: myhomepc



GridTracker (official) QSL cards + more cards  



Ham Shack Cafe'  web projects

Wires-X Rooms  web projects



Flag Counter

Installed Flag Counter 2 Sep 2020



Ham Amateur Radio Callsign Studio



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CANADA License Training


Canadian Amateur Radio Study Guides


Radio Amateurs Canada - Courses Online


Amateur Radio (HAM) Training Information



UK Foundation License Training


Foundation Examination resource PDF

compiled and updated by Leigh M. Preece.

Q&A in this extensive resource listing

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His public group on Facebook

UK Foundation Amateur Radio Licence


RSGB Foundation resources


"Gettin Tae Grips" with the UK Foundation Licence 58 Lessons.


Essex Ham Training Material - Foundation


UK Intermediate License Training

RSGB Intermediate License page (Intermediate License Exam is now also given online)


UK Intermediate Amateur Radio License on FB


"Gettin Tae Grips" with the UK Intermediate License 78 Lessons (free) from GM6DX



USA License Training


Ham Radio Technician Class License Course (11 videos)

on Wayne N3lms YouTube Channel



World Wide Repeaters Directory

North American Amateur Radio Repeaters, including the USA and its territories,

Canada, and Mexico.


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My local GB list



GridTracker Fans:

I have received licensed permission to produce QSL style Contact Cards with

GridTracker Banding from the owners of GridTracker software TAGLOOMIS.

Special Offer at



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